My Bucket List for My Photography Part of Life

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I am the type of person who has multiple bucket lists.  This might sound crazy to some of you, but since I have so many different areas in my life, I wanted to create a list for each and every one of them.  I feel that this will keep me accountable and help me achieve all my dreams and goals.

This obsession with goals began when I was much younger and while many people have a type of attitude where they ‘wish’ that they could do things, my attitude was much different.  Instead of ‘wishing’ about things, I decided that I was always going to believe that ‘I could and would make things happen’.

Therefore, I write down everything that I ‘WILL’ do in my lifetime and categorize them according to career, personal, photography, etc.  Once they are written down, I quickly find ways to make them happen.

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Here are the items that have made it to my photography bucket list (so far):

  • Take a private jet around the world and practice photography, so I can post in National Geographic
  • Learn how to scuba dive, so that I can swim with sharks, whales, and dolphins while taking pictures of them
  • Take a workshop on storm and cyclone chasing
  • Take pictures of polar bears with their cubs and visit places where I can photograph more grizzly bears and pandas
  • Travel to different areas of the world to photograph my favorite creatures – elephants, big cats, and moose
  • Photography different breeds of horses, but especially wild horses
  • Tour Iceland and Norway by camper and take a lot of pictures
  • Experience the Northern Lights while in Iceland or another area where they are prominent and take lots of pictures
  • Perform aerial photography
  • Go on an African safari to see and photograph animals migrating
  • Sleep under the stars in the Sahara
  • The Milky Way is magnificent and I need to do a long exposure shot of this

There is another subject on this bucket list and that is visiting multiple iconic places in the world and taking photographs while I am there.  Some of these places include:

  • Every National Park
  • Antarctica to photograph the penguins
  • Galápagos Islands for the wildlife that lives there
  • Taj Mahal in Agra, India
  • The Kingdom of Bhutan
  • Attend the Holi Festival in India
  • Yucatán Peninsula to see the Mayan pyramids
  • Himalayan Mountains
  • Wiltshire, England to see the Stonehenge Ruins
  • Cuba and the rest of South America
  • The Gobi Desert of Mongolia to see the Dakkak Village
  • Santorini, Greece
  • Tuscany, Italy
  • Death Valley for the spectacular moonrise
  • Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico to see the Lechuguilla Cave
  • Scotland to see the castles
  • A Shaolin temple in China
  • Texas backroads to see and abandoned farmhouse or barn

Yes, this list is long, and I’m not as young as I once was, but I will do all these things!  I am curious as to what is on your bucket list…..and do you have more than one list like I do???

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