My Life and Experiences as a Dentist



I have spent the last seventeen years building my General and Cosmetic Dental practice in Melbourne.  I have worked quite hard to show every single one of my patients compassion and understanding, while trying to earn their trust.  While those goals might seem to be enough, I also have committed myself to providing each one of my patients with excellent service and ensuring that they have been satisfied with their experiences as a patient of mine.

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My job as a dentist is very rewarding, yet there are multiple challenges that I face every single day.  Yes, my job does provide well for me financially, but running my practice can be quite stressful for me at times.

There have been studies done in the past that have shown that dentistry is one of the professions that has a high stress level as well as a higher divorce and suicide rate.  Those studies do not bother me, because I love my job too much, but they are still there and very much a reality in today’s world.


I have days when I start with a first-time patient, and their first comment to me is “I’m sorry, but I hate going to the dentist”.  I like to think that I am capable of putting all my patients at ease and with a comment like that, I feel that I need to work that much harder to earn that patient’s trust.  I do not mind putting in the extra effort, after all, I love what I do, but sometimes I wish that the stigma of dentists didn’t exist.  Now, I also have numerous days when I have patients smile for the first time after some cosmetic work and their face lights up as they say “I can’t believe my smile looks so good!  You’re amazing!”.  I love making people happy and seeing their smiles and hearing them laugh after a procedure is wonderful.


Throughout my years as a dentist, I have learned how to manage difficult situations with patients and how to manage the stress that my job brings.  There are times when I feel the stress building and I just sit down and close my eyes for a moment and let my mind drift to something else.  My go-to thoughts are usually a beautiful place that I have been to that is filled with spectacular scenery or landscaping.

I love taking photographs and when I am not working at my practice, you will probably find me searching for a new location to snap a few shots.  As much as I enjoy my job as a dentist and love my patients, the time that I spend on my photography allows me to help other people in the world.  Changing a person’s life, whether with their smile or with a photograph that they can appreciate for years, has become my purpose in life.  By doing both, I can help more people than I ever believed possible and that brings joy and happiness to my life.


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